Through constant feedback and discussion, GoldPRO settings for Halo Reach continuously strive to find the best settings possible for the competitive Halo community. V2 Out Now.

    Official Formal Feedback Thread


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    Official Formal Feedback Thread Empty Official Formal Feedback Thread

    Post  Yoseph on Wed Nov 02, 2011 4:07 pm

    This is where you will be giving structured feedback to whatever issues you deem relevant. Please follow the format or your post will be deleted. Let us know relevant information. Opinions are welcome but only if supported with valid and well thought out reasoning. If you would like to become more involved in the process of deciding gametypes and changes in GoldPRO this is a great place to get noticed. This is NOT a debate thread.

    List what variable you tested. This could be as broad as GoldPRO v1 or as narrow as kill time of the Focus Rifle(down to the millisecond). Can be multiple things in a single post.

    Did you test v1 settings with a group from the customs gamertag list? Did you test kill times or OS settings in a controlled split screen gametype. Were you playing GoldPRO? The relevance of the feedback to GoldPRO is up to you to figure out and let us know, the setting plays a large part in that. Ex. If you are playing a new gametype it's difficult to guage the competitive merit if most of the players in the party aren't familiar with the tested variable.

    Let everyone know what you think about the variable tested.

    I'm allowing a lot of freedom here, I expect everyone to be mature and use intelligence to convey there points. This will not be a debate thread. It will be a collection of relevant feedback and information from the people in the community that are willing to put the time and effort into giving relevant feedback to help make the best gametypes possible. Thank you for your support.

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    Official Formal Feedback Thread Empty Re: Official Formal Feedback Thread

    Post  ItWasSkills on Wed Nov 02, 2011 8:24 pm


    Gold Pro v1 Settings


    Gold Pro v1 with a group from the customs list.


    I have played these settings twice now and to be honest I really didn't care for them the first time. But, now that I have played them again, they seem really awesome. This is the closest thing I've played to H2 in awhile. These settings are amazing. The jump height and movement feel amazing. At first I thought things like the shotgun would be unbalanced, but it turned out it just worked. I saw the skill gap increase when I was playing and I realized the games became more competitive. The only thing I didn't like was nexus. But I am confident that v2 will add maps from cea. I really think everyone in the MLG community needs to test these settings. They are close to perfect. I really want to see these settings get more support. Get some pro players behind this and these settings might get more support. I really love what you guys are doing.

    P.S. Really excited for cea to see how things work out. CEA pistol!, more maps!, Dammy ball?!?!

    sorry if there are spelling or grammar errors. Also FFA on forge midships are awesome.

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