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    Damnation. Empty Damnation.

    Post  weezing on Fri Nov 18, 2011 3:43 am



    Red spawn
    Damnation. Screenshot

    Blue spawn
    Damnation. Screenshot

    New camo location (120s, not off start)
    Damnation. FileDetails

    Penance sniper locations are used, and the rockets, OS, and shotgun are unchanged, so they aren't shown.

    Yeah, tell me what you think, based on a first impression or whatever. The initial spawns are moved so that rockets are secured quicker, and each team has more options and more things to consider off spawn. Overall red is more proactive and blue more reactive, but I don't think anyone has a major advantage. Red has more to lose also, since if they move to try and get all assets available to them right away, they'll most likely have to forfeit top control, which blue has quick access to thanks to the teleporter. But if they settle for two guys going rockets, and two more covering them from up top, they could lose shotgun and possibly their own snipe.

    I'm already thinking of stuff that could be changed, like maybe OS should be moved over one platform toward blue spawn. Maybe camo could set to start and give red more to think about.

    EDIT: camo pic isn't showing up... I moved it to bottom pump room, where the plasma rifle used to be.

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