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    MLG Anchor 9


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    MLG Anchor 9

    Post  weezing on Wed Nov 02, 2011 1:21 pm

    I hate to see A9 being passed up in MLG and other competitive circles, and most of the attempts I've seen to MLG-ize it haven't been good, for various reasons. So fuck it, might as well post the untested hack version I've been playing around with sporadically since like July.


    Some screenshots...

    Red spawn

    Blue spawn


    Red snipe and red street (same on blue side)

    Red teleport (same on blue side)

    Red receiver (same on blue side)



    So yeah, as I said I've been fooling around with this map for a while and haven't really tested it, aside from a couple of small games with some casuals from another community (who spent the game bitching about the lack of ARs and other fun weapons). But tell me what you think, whether it's based on a first impression or if you guys actually do end up breaking it out in customs.

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